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About us

Kringla is a Swedish bike company which was founded in 2012. Since then, Kringla has sold bikes to satisfied cyclists across Europe.

We, the founders of Kringla, believe that creative transport alternatives are a necessity for a better and more sustainable world. Cities are growing rapidly and traffic is always a problem. We believe that the solution lies in e-bikes and bicycles which are convenient, reliable and which can take you wherever you want to go. With less traffic, the environment will be pleasanter, quieter and prettier, promoting better health and fresher air. We love cycling and want to encourage and inspire more cyclists.

Kringla bikes are where the future meets the past. The latest technology is combined with a classic and timeless design. Kringla bikes are collapsible, giving you full freedom to travel wherever you want. You can cruise along the streets or take your Kringla with you on the bus, train or in the car.

Choose whether you want a bike with an e-motor or without, along with your preferred colour. With Kringla, distance becomes a pleasure!

Kringla products are sold exclusively here in our web store. This ensures that you will get a good quality and affordable bike along with a level of customer service which ensures that you will always be totally satisfied.


Best regards,
Felix Berglund and Joakim Aare
Founders of Kringla


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Upplandsgatan 37
11328 Stockholm
ORG: 556938-6633
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