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Why Kringla?

You are important to us and we make sure that you are completely satisfied with your order from Kringla!

No Worries

30 day free return policy. 1 year good warranty where Kringla will take care of the costs if you need any help from
your local bike shop with adjustements and settings. Almost forgot, the shipping is also free.


Real Freedom

With a folding bike from Kringla, transportation becomes easy and enjoyable. When you feel like it, you can take
the bike on the
bus or the train. Storage will also be simple and compact.


Ride in Style

Kringla is inspired by the Swedish folding bike from the 70's. You get a
bike in a classic timeless design that will last. Remember to choose the color you like best.


Satisfied customers

"Great service and delivery. I am very pleased and I highly recommend Kringla!"
Linda Svensson, Aneby, Småland, Sweden

"Nice bike and fast delivery. The bikes were delivered to the door the day after ordering."
Sissel Holm, Halden, Norway

"I received my folding vintage bike recently and am very satisfied and happy. Kringla is beautiful to look at and
reliable to use."
Linda Lawrence Wilkes, UK

"Easy to fold and transport. Good driving position with a comfortable saddle and comfortable handles."
Kai Gilmer, Taby, Sweden

"Fast delivery and almost nothing to install. I was out and cycled within an hour. I recommend Kringla."
Anna, Gothenburg, Sweden